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Appliance Services

Have A Broken Kitchen Aid Mixer!? Or a little oil leaking?
Drop it off at the shop!! We fix them!!
For quality appliance repair and service!
When it comes to efficient appliance repair, you can't beat J & B Appliance & Service Inc. We are theTwinsburg, OH experts when it comes to refrigerators, washing machines ranges and more. Right down the road from Streetsboro, Aurora, Solon, Macedonia, Hudson  We work fast and we work hard for you.  We dispatch our technicians to your home, diagnose the problem, and provide you with a total run down of the appliance. Call Us!!

We service and/or sell

     • Amana 
     • Bosch 
     • Frigidare 
     • Electrolux 
     • Jenn-air 
     • Kenmore 
     • Whirlpool 
     • Maytag 
     • General Electric 
     • Crosley 
     • Admiral 
     • Speedqueen 
     • Samsung 
     • LG 
     • Kitchen Aid 
     • And more!!
Crosley Side By Side Refrigerators Model CRSH268MS

Repair work

In Hudson, we specialize in carrying out minor or large appliance repairs on products like:
  • Refrigerators 
  • Washing machines 
  • Dishwashers 
  • Clothes washers 
  • Dryers 
  • Stoves 
  • Ovens
Spare yourself the cost of appliance replacement by having your appliances repaired by the professionals at J & B Appliance & Service Inc. 95% of the time it is cheaper to repair than to replace.
For more information, call us in Twinsburg today.
A recently completed refrigerator appliance repair in Twinsburg, OH


J & B Appliance & Service Inc can help maintain your appliances in addition to fixing refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and more. If you need the dryer cleaned from lint. And bearings oiled. Or if you need an inspection of the washer belt and workings give ua a call!!
At J & B Appliance & Service, we will keep your home appliances running well for the long haul. Contact our repair specialists today and we'll have your appliances operating smoothly and efficiently in no time!
a stove being used after appliance repair in Twinsburg, OH


We can also source and supply spare parts for just about any type of residential appliance. We even carry brand new appliances for replacement! 
At J & B Appliance & Service, we service and sell residential appliances from the leading the brands in industry, offering a full range of makes and models to suit the layout of your property and usage needs. Each of our in-home service calls and equipment sales are dispatched and sold from our conveniently located shop in Twinsburg, Ohio. Check us out by visiting today.
Appliance repair equipment in Twinsburg, OH
Appliance Maintenance Work Order

$145 first appliance, $35 each additional,$175 for stacked wash/dry

If any parts are in need of replacement upon inspection,(excludes water filters) We will install after notifying the customer, for 1/2 off the listed price.

Vacuum coils Included 
check door gaskets Included 
New water filter                             $35-$55

For Frontload washer add            $10
Check belts Included Included
Check hoses Included
Check cycle advancement Included
Relevel washer Included
Change fill hoses every 3-5 years     

 Rubber hoses                                 $29
 ss hose                                            $39
Clean Blower Included
Check inside for lint build up Included
Check belt/rollers/pulley Included
Check timer advancement Included
Check temperature output included
Clean vent behind dryer (short) $19
replace vent $59-$250

(if vent is foil or crushed, must be replaced)
Check wash pump         Included 
Check for proper drain  Included 
check spay arms            Included 
Check door gaskets       Included 
Dishwasher cleaner        $10 
Check oven temp                            Included
check door gasket                          Included
Check door closes properly          Included
Check bake and broil                     Included

A Guide to Home Appliances and How you can Save Money!

A Guide to Home Appliances and How you can Save Money!
In a consumer culture like ours, it can be hard to opt to repair or upgrade an appliance when we can simply run to the store and get a shiny new one. In the US, we spend over $150 billion on new appliances each year – much of that to unnecessarily replace older appliances that could easily be fixed.[i] Worse, we throw away hundreds of millions of appliances and electronics each year that immediately pile up in landfills and release toxic waste into the soil and groundwater. Before you run out to purchase a brand new appliance, ask yourself if you can repair your old one, upgrade it, or at least recycle it.
Quick Facts: the True Cost of Throwing Away Appliances

$70-$170 per month spent on powering appliances: Alabama, Hawaii, and Maryland all spend over $150 per month just to power their homes.[ii] 

16% fewer appliances being repaired in last 15 years:[iii] Replacing rather than repairing means more raw materials, more manufacturing energy, and more waste.
Millions of appliances thrown away per year: More than 55% of our trash is deposited into landfills where it contributes to the massive waste problem and seeps chemicals into the soil and groundwater.

Take Action! Knowing Whether to Repair or Replace

1. Refrigerator: 13.7% or up to $23 of your monthly home electricity bill.[viii]

Replace when: Made before 2001. Replace with an ENERGY STAR model and get rid of the beer fridge or secondary fridge in the garage as these double your refrigerator energy use and can cost over $100 extra per year. [ix] Don’t forget to recycle old refrigerators.

Maintain and repair when: If the fridge is too warm or the ice maker malfunctions. Replacement parts range from $20 to $55 while a replacement ice maker costs under $100. Cleaning the coils can also increase efficiency by 30%.[x]
2. Dryer: 5.8% or up to $120 of your annual home electricity bill.[xi]
Replace when: Your dryer is completely dead and more than 13-14 years old.
Maintain and repair when: Dryers don’t differ much in energy efficiency so you will want to maintain the machine regularly and for as long as possible – which can also boost energy efficiency of your dryer by 30%.[xii]
3. Electric Range Top and Oven: 4.6% or up to $94 of your annual home electricity bill.[xiii]
Replace when: Your range hits 12-13 years old and no longer functions.
Maintain and repair when: If the cooktop element does not work, a replacement part costs just $14-$32. Other replacement parts range from $34 to $52.
4. Dishwasher: 2.5% or up to $52 of your annual home electricity bill.[xiv]
Replace when: Manufactured before 1994; replace it with a more energy and water efficient ENERGY STAR model.
Maintain and repair when: Dishwashers work best with regular cleaning. If your dishwasher is less than 10-11 years old, you should consider repairs over replacement.
5. Microwave: 1.7% or up to $35 of your annual home electricity bill.[xv]
Replace when: Your microwave oven breaks and your warranty has expired.
Maintain and repair when: Since microwave ovens are much cheaper than most household appliances, it only makes sense to repair it if it is still under warranty. Proper maintenance like regular cleaning will extend the lifetime of your microwave.
6. Washing machine: 1% or $20 of your annual home electricity bill (not including hot water).[xvi]
Replace when: Your machine has a top loader – replace it with a front-loader as they have significantly higher energy efficiency.
Maintain and repair when: Your machine does not agitate or has washer leaks, you can easily remedy the problem by buying a replacement part for under $80.
Dig Deeper: Saving Money with Repairs and Maintenance
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